How to Brand Your Business Effectively

When you start a business, be it a Muslim fashion shop that sells cheap abayas  or a food and beverages store that sells the most delicious burgers, it is important that your potential customers know that it exists. Apart from doing the necessary digital marketing such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click marketing like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, or email marketing, you should seriously consider branding your business as well. Now you’ll probably be wondering, how can you brand your business? Well, fret not, as the rest of the article will explain how you can brand your business effectively.

There are basically 2 aspects to consider when branding your business, basically its name and logo. Let’s look at each aspect in detail.

When choosing and registering a suitable name, please do ensure that you think long and hard about this so that you will not regret it later. Always remember that you want people to recognise and acknowledge your business whenever your business name is mentioned, so make sure the name is memorable and creative. A carefully and properly chosen name can cause your business to succeed and to dominate your target market. Conversely a recklessly and ill chosen name will lead your business to fail miserably.

So then, how do you choose a good name? That’s actually simpler than you think. Choose a name with a sound that continually bounces in other people’s heads whenever they hear it, so that they will remember easily. Several key elements should include syllables in the name that are repetitive, have alliteration or rhyme.

Some specific examples include Coca Cola, Captain Crunch, M&M, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, Bed Bath and Beyond and Dixie Chicks. Notice how these names keep playing in your head because their syllables are either repetitive, alliterative, rhyming or have all three qualities or a combination of two out of the three.

Next, create a specific symbol that helps people associate your business with it whenever they see that brand. Think of the simple tick and Nike. Ensure that you choose a symbol that is related to your business and will clearly display the name and image of your business.

You may also wish to consider a logo that simply spells out the name of your business, but in a creative way. There are many examples of this type of logo such as that of Amazon, Reebok and more. If we go back to the example at the start of the article about Muslim fashion, there is an online ecommerce shop called HijabDressUp that utiises their name as the logo in a creative way. The word Hijab is written in pink with the last three letters j, a and b, in cursive to add a little dash of creativity. The remaining words Dress Up are then placed below the word Hijab in grey colour and a completely different font. You can check the full logo at the top of their website.

Always remember that you want people to instantly identify your name and logo with your business when they hear and see them respectively, so be creative and ensure that you think long and hard before choosing suitable ones.

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