Discover The Sumptuous Food and Cakes Of Singapore

If you are a foodie then you have come to the right place in visiting Singapore! Singapore is where Malay cuisine meets Indian and Chinese cooking – and then blends them all together to create something truly unique! In this article, we will tell you what food and cakes to eat and try out on your visit here and some of the best places to do it! So, let’s get started with the savoury dishes first.

Savoury Food

Satay By The Bay
With food stalls open every day between 11am and 10pm, this is the place to visit anytime to experience genuine cuisine on the waterfront.

What To Have:
People come here to try the great meats and satays on offer. And even better still – the drinks stalls are open 24 hours!

Old Airport Food Centre
Situated in the east of the city, this is where food lovers come to try just about anything. With many hawkers on the site, you can taste most things, in this forty year old famous food centre.

What To Have:
Hand Made Fish Balls
A perennial favourite of the food centre, these are made with vinegar, soy sauce and a fiery sambal. Dishes start at $3.

Hokkien Fried Mee
These are yellow noodles of prawns and dishes start at around $5. Well worth a try!

Maxwell Food Centre
This is close to the Central Business District and feeds hungry workers, as well as eager foodies, who go there especially to experience its culinary delights. This is an incredibly famous centre, so if you want to narrow down the vast choice on offer, here are our picks:

What To Have:
Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake
This is also known locally as the ‘UFO’ and is an oyster cake, which has its gems (the oysters) hidden within the layers of the fishcake.

Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon
This is fish bee hoon, which is a kind of thin noodle soup. The fish is, of course, fresh and cooked into a milky broth.

Now that you have been treated to the local savoury delights, let’s look into some mouth watering cakes and where to get them instead.

Sweet Delightful Cakes

Julie Bakes, Bussorah Street
This cake shop is located along the bustling area of Bussorah Street, just behind the iconic Sultan Mosque, and in close proximity to many other famous eateries such as Kampong Glam Cafe, Zam Zam and Victory restaurants. Julie Bakes is famous for its fusion cakes, that combine traditional cakes with local desserts.

What To Have:
You can be literally spoilt for choice here, but if we had to pick, we will definitely go with their signature ondeh-ondeh cake, durian cake for durian lovers, and chendol cake for the ultimate sugar high.

Zee & Elle, Kensington Square, Upper Paya Lebar Road
You can find this local gem tucked nicely at the first floor of Kensington Square, a mixed development building comprising residential and commercial units.

What To Have:
While it offers a wide array of cakes, its signature ones include cakes fused with local frut, that is difficult to find in any other cake shop Singapore is famous for. Some delightful fusion treats that are a must try, include their Earl Grey Mango Passionfruit Fresh Cream Cake and Guava Lychee Cake.

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