4 Mistakes to Avoid While Giving A Corporate Gift

Giving a gift is considered a gentle gesture. In the corporate world, you as a corporation give corporate gifts to show your appreciation and gratitude to others. In return they feel happy, comfortable and invigorated to work more efficiently and yield better results. However, sometimes we as human beings can make a few mistakes and unfortunately in the corporate world, they have dire and unexpected consequences. Here are a few mistakes which you should avoid while giving corporate gifts-

Playing Favorites
Corporate gifts are generally given to a large group of people such as your own employees and/or group of your clients. You should always give the gifts to everyone and ensure that they are of the same type, as much as possible. Try not to play favorites when you are giving corporate gifts and try to find a gift which is suitable for everyone. It is advisable that you do not miss out on any individual based on their status in the organization when you are giving corporate gifts. Do not worry about personalization when you are giving gifts to everyone as you can still personalize (like having a unique name or designation etc. on the gift) as you are giving those gifts. Adding a personalized message while you are giving the gift is also a great touch as the receiver feels that you think about them as you are giving the corporate gift.

Giving Gifts To A Select Few And Being Secretive About It
There may be a situation where you are required to present a special and unique corporate gift to a specific person or a particular group. For example, if any team in your organization has accomplished a rare achievement or it is an employee of the year and you wish to specially congratulate them in your corporate event. In such a case, let the entire organization know of their achievement as you are presenting them with a special or unique corporate gift. Being transparent while appreciating others is always the best idea compared to being secretive. If you are being secretive even though your intentions were genuine and true, others might still feel betrayed and unjustified, creating jealousy among them and it is a bad impact to the corporation. So, it is best to avoid such a situation.

Giving Inappropriate Gifts
While you are giving corporate gifts to other people, it is important to understand the person carefully. In most cases, giving a generalized gift is always the best idea but it also depends on the organization. For example, it is very inappropriate to give a common gift such as headphones to a person who is suffering from hearing difficulties, even if your corporation is an electronics-based organization. As such, it better to present a general gift such as a pen or watch where the chances of it being inappropriate are lesser. In addition, you can improve the significance and value of a corporate gift, by attaching a personal message. However, to create a personal message, you need to know the person as much as possible by showing interest and learning about them. All these make the gift you are presenting very appreciable, as well as reduces the chances of it being inappropriate.

Gender Equality
Gender equality in presenting a corporate gift is often a sensitive situation. Men and women use and are interested in different varieties of gifts, and the monetary value of these gifts often varies. This causes a problem as the gift might signify unintended meaning if the value of the gift is vastly different. One way to avoid this problem is by giving a general gift to both men and women or the best alternative is to give different corporate gifts which do not have vastly different price values, to men and women based upon their utility.

Giving corporate gifts is one of the best ways to make your business successful in the long run. Thus, a lot of careful planning is required while giving corporate gifts. But sometimes we may overlook certain problems and unfortunately in the corporate world, they can have detrimental consequences. Thus, it is always a good idea to scrutinize each situation carefully, plan ahead and try to be as fair as possible while giving corporate gifts. If you are interested to learn more about corporate gifts and how to obtain them for your next company event, then contact Axxel Marketing today.

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